The latest Epson P400 Service Manual covers all generations of the printer including the R1900 / R2880 / R2000 / R2000S

This document contains all the media type printer settings for Mitsubishi Pictorico papers including Pro Hi-gloss white film and Ultra Premium OHP transparency film. This is the same document that disappeared a few years ago from the Mitsubishi website. You will find all the necessary printer settings for both Epson and Canon printers.

Pictorico Media Type settings for Epson and Canon printers

This page contains MTF graphs for vintage Schneider and Rodenstock lenses, and other related pamphlets I have collected over the years. You can find the same information with a deep search on the wayback machine but it can be a real kludge. Get your MTF graphs here instead 🙂

Contact Me if you’re looking for a specific lens not listed here.

Coming Soon !

This tutorial will cover advanced shooting techniques with a Rotating Panoramic Camera such as the Noblex 150.