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Salluit Junkyard I

Cette oeuvre de Paul Ozzello a tout de suite attiré mon attention. Elle est accrochée dans mon studio et fait partie de ma collection permanente !



Cette œuvre de Paul Ozzello fait partie d’une de ses premières et démontrait déjà sont talent. Paul sait se renouveler constamment avec un œil qui nous fait voir les beautés du monde  et aussi ses solitudes. Cette œuvre restera toujours une de mes favorites. Elle est affichée fièrement dans mon bureau pour que je puisse la contempler quotidiennement.


Explore the World Through the Lens of Paul Ozzello

Welcome to the official website of Paul Ozzello. Here, you will find a collection of photographs that capture the raw beauty of some of the world’s most stunning landscapes. Each image is a testament to dedication and passion for exploring and documenting the natural world.

Chamonix Valley Photography Collection

Journey to the heart of the French Alps with our Chamonix Valley Collection. These photographs offer a glimpse into the majestic peaks and tranquil valleys of Chamonix. Witness the snow-capped summits of Mont Blanc, the serene beauty of alpine meadows, and the dramatic vistas that define this iconic region. Perfect for those who appreciate the awe-inspiring landscapes of the Alps.

Canadian Far North, Salluit Nunavik, Quebec Photographs

Experience the remote and rugged beauty of the Canadian far north with our Limited Edition Canadian Far North Photographs. This collection, also known as Northern Exile: Nunavik Salluit Photography, showcases the village of Salluit in Nunavik, capturing the essence of northern Canadian landscapes and the spirit of its communities. Each photograph tells a story of resilience and tradition, from the icy expanses of the tundra to the vibrant cultural life of the Inuit people. Some images from this collection have been featured on Canadian stamps, highlighting the significance and beauty of this remote region.

Fringe, Portraits from the 2022 Freedom Convoy

Paul Ozzello’s photographs of the Freedom Convoy reveal a different side of the movement, showcasing the men and women who participated as individuals unified in their pursuit of common goals. Often depicted controversially in the press, these images highlight the solidarity and humanity of the convoy’s participants. Through Ozzello’s lens, the viewer is invited to see the strength, determination, and diverse faces of those who came together, offering a more nuanced understanding of the convoy beyond its media portrayal.

Paul Ozzello’s work is a window into the world’s most captivating places. Browse our collections to find the perfect piece to bring the beauty of nature into your home or office.

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