Northern Exile” explores the striking contrasts and transformations of the Nunavik region in northern Quebec, with a focus on the village of Salluit. This photographic collection of Nunavik photography captures the raw beauty and stark realities of life in Canada’s Northern territories, revealing the visual dichotomies that define this remote landscape. Featuring Salluit images and Northern Quebec landscapes, the gallery highlights the unique and evolving environment of this Arctic region.

Through these captivating photographs, we delve into the profound impact of Western colonization on traditional Inuit lifestyles. Once characterized by nomadic practices and sustainability, these ways of life have been significantly altered by historical events such as the fur trade, Cold War politics, sedentarization, and government relocations. Modern amenities like diesel generators, school buses, and identical aluminum-sided houses now coexist with the enduring spirit of Inuit culture.

As you journey through this gallery, reflect on the complexities and resilience of the Inuit people, their rich ancestral traditions, and the challenges they face in preserving their way of life amidst a rapidly changing environment. This collection not only questions humanity’s dominance over nature but also celebrates the enduring strength and adaptability of the Inuit community in Nunavik. Several of these images are also part of the Canada Post Collection and were featured on a recent Canada Post stamp.