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Paul Ozzello is a distinguished Swiss-Canadian photographer renowned for his pioneering work in panoramic landscape photography. Over the past 35 years, he has pushed the boundaries of fine art photography, capturing stunning images of Canada’s Far North, Inuit villages, and the ethereal mountain peaks of the French Alps. His work is characterized by its pristine quality and profound storytelling, often exploring the interplay between human presence and natural landscapes.

Ozzello’s unique approach often involves swing-lens cameras, which can create curved fields of view, a challenge he has expertly navigated to produce both linear and creatively curved compositions. This technical prowess allows him to capture expansive and immersive landscapes that draw viewers into the heart of the scene.

In addition to his artistic achievements, Paul Ozzello Photographer operates Tulip Editions in Montreal Canada, providing high-quality custom black and white Piezography printing and film scanning services to local artists and photographers. His expertise in printing is highly regarded and he is known for his meticulous attention to detail.

Ozzello’s recent work includes the “Fringe Canadians” exhibit, which documents the Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa, offering a unique and thought-provoking perspective on contemporary social issues. His ability to convey the passion and determination of the protesters through his lens has made the exhibit both striking and controversial. The exhibit features large-format Polaroid-style prints that capture truckers and their vehicles in a documentary yet nostalgic style. The snowy compositions add a unique contrast, and the photographs are noted for their print quality and emotional depth.

“Fringe Canadians” provided a human perspective on the truckers who occupied the heart of Canada’s capital for three weeks. Initially apprehensive about his safety due to media portrayals of the truckers as violent extremists, Ozzello found a different reality on the ground. “Everyone was almost like at a party,” he recalls. “It reminded me a bit of Woodstock: everyone was festive, smiling, and greeting each other”

Dominik Sokolowski, the artistic director of the gallery, emphasized the importance of showcasing the beauty of the photographs rather than focusing on their political implications. He described the exhibit as a means to spark dialogue about the right to protest and the need for peaceful demonstrations. Sokolowski was particularly impressed by the Polaroid format chosen by Ozzello, which added a human touch to the photos with imperfections like water and cold marks.

For Ozzello, the Polaroid format perfectly matched the truckers’ vintage vehicles from the 1970s and 1980s. The exhibition included 42 of his favorite photos, divided into two categories: those signed by the truckers, often with personal messages, and those featuring trucks adorned with amusing slogans. His experience during the protest was nuanced, encountering both negative and positive reactions, and he encourages visitors to the gallery to approach the exhibit with an open mind.

Throughout his career, Paul Ozzello has remained dedicated to his craft, continually seeking new challenges and inspirations. His photographs have been exhibited in major galleries and museums worldwide, earning him a respected place in the world of fine art photography.



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